First use and skin test

When you use the appliance for the first time or after recent tanning , we advise you to perform a skin test on each area to be treated to check your skin’s reaction to the treatment and to get accustomed to light-based treatment .

1.   Take out the power adapter and check that the power adapter metal plug is dry and clean, then plug into the 90-265V power outlet.

2.   Connect the power adapter to the power interface on the bottom of the instrument, display panel show “off”.

3.   Press the on/off switch over 2 seconds to power on, the screendisplay panel lights up, the internal cooling system start to work.

4.   Displays panel Displays hair removal (HR) or skin rejuvenation (SR) function identification, remaining irradiating times and grade. Make sure that the instrument is working without abnormal noise (the slight blower working sound is normal).

5.   Press the grade button to adjust the grade , the instrument totally have 5 grades, please start from the first grade to test the skin. Automatic mode:  Press Irradiate  button for 3 seconds, the screen shows 2 lighting marks, the device turn to automatic mode. It will flash automatically when the device firmly onto your skin.When the device  is in automatic mode, press Irradiate button button for 3 seconds,  the device will turn to manual mode.

6.   At this time, wear a goggles, use a shaving tool to shave the hair that needs to be irradiated.