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Home Multi-function Beauty Equipment/Home Use IPL Hair Removal Instrument Manufacturer
Home Multi-function Beauty Equipment/Home Use IPL Hair Removal Instrument Manufacturer

Home Multi-function Beauty Equipment/Home Use IPL Hair Removal Instrument Manufacturer

Project Name:Photon depilator M1.

Product Usage : this is a family and small beauty agency common photon hair removal instrument

Customer Requirement : for the problem of unsatisfactory removal of most of the photon depilator in the market

Current Status : ready to upgrade.

Other Results : appearance patentability model patent CE RoHs certification.

This is a universal Photon Hair Removal Device for family and small beauty institutions. It has the functions of photon hair removal skin whitening and rejuvenation freckle removing and acne removing and red and blue light health care.

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  • Definition Of Product
  • Copying Design
  • Appearance Design
  • Structure Design And Optimal
  • Circuit Design
  • Software Design
  • Prototype Proofing
  • Processing And Manufacturing
  • Parts Purchase
  • Product Assembling
  • Product Testing
  • Packaging Logistics
Definition Of Product

1.Require enough energy good hair removal effect so choose desktop photon hair removal device appearance. It can work both at home and in small beauty salon.

2.Considering working in a small beauty salon increase the function of freckle removing and skin whitening. So that it can increase the attraction of customers.

3.In order to increase the contrast advantage with other photon hair removal devices the company has strengthened the brand's health appeal and increased the red and blue care function.


Copying Design

autonomic program r&d

Appearance Design

The target customers of this product are mainly young women so this product has a sleek appearance with a red LOGO panel on the top of shell and the surrounding is transparent and the middle frame is white giving a high-end clean feeling. The bottom inlaid mirror of upper shell is both practical and beautiful.

Structure Design And Optimal

This product has made many structural innovations and applied for the utility model patent. Just the buttons has the following innovation points;

1.The whole frame structure is conducive to the fixed key and the keys protruding conducive to key operation;

2.With 2 hooks the button will not pop up and the gasket will be used to hold the position to prevent and locate the spring.

3.It is good for the standard parts to vibrate the needle. When pressing the button it will automatically play a certain distance easy and comfortable to open the lid.

4.Use the convex and chamfering pits with slant to locate making it simple and reliable.


Circuit Design

We have improved the circuit design of this product several times and strived to be more stable and reliable. For example the connection method of hair removal acne removing whitening and the three handles we replaced several connection methods and finally chose the connection method of copper pillars and copper sleeves making the connection mode stable in line with this high-power desktop requirement.


Software Design

We have made four versions of the software of this product to optimize. As shown in the figure our operation interface has been optimized three times keeping improving strive to clear beautiful concise simple convenient and comfortable to operate.


Prototype Proofing

Three times prototype proofing. The first time through the SLA laser rapid prototyping made a shape hand board. After comprehensive opinions on the market engineering and manufacturing we made improvements. Second through a variety of processes such as SLA and CNC a structural hand board that can be used and tested was found.  After several tests defects were found. For example there are more than a dozen places in the handle that need to be modified. Finally according to the requirement to modify the place to change the picture to make a final function of the hand for photographing marketing etc.


Processing And Manufacturing

This product has a complex structure and complete functions so the requirements for processing and manufacturing are very high. Hardware and plastic parts has more than 30. In order to make this multifunctional health and beauty instrument M1 we made a total of 21 sets of molds including 8 sets of plastic molds 8 sets of hardware molds and 5 sets of electronic auxiliary molds.


Parts Purchase

The product’s PCB board requires more than 100 kinds of electronic materials and requires more than 20 kinds of electronic components such as membrane switch panel fan power cord spring connector and accessories etc. According to the design standards of various materials we strictly control the quality and require that all suppliers provide CE certification UL certification ccc certification PSE certification and ROHS certification.


Product Assembling


Product Testing


Packaging Logistics

Inner: shock-proof Pearl cotton package

Outer: standard carton or customized we will use wooden case to protect the parts if needed.

Delivery (shipping):
We can use any shipping method as you need.
Usually we use DHL and UPS it will take about 3-7days from China to your location.