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Are there any side effects of home hair removal devices?

Time : 2022-12-14 Hits : 3

Every summer, many people are happy to wear their favorite clothes, but when they see their thick body hair, 

they are annoyed.If you want to remove hair at home, choose a home hair removal device, mainly because it 

can penetrate deep into the hair follicles and destroy the hair follicles without harming the skin, achieving a 

better hair removal effect. Some friends are wondering, does the home hair removal device have any side effects?


There are all kinds of hair removal devices on the market, with different parameters and technologies used, 

but it is certain that it is a reliable hair removal device certified by an authoritative testing organization, and it 

will not have side effects on the body, but When using, pay attention to operating in accordance with the 

instructions, so as not to cause damage to the skin due to improper operation. When buying a hair removal 

device, you must learn more.


Most ipl hair removal devices use the principle of selective thermal effect, Before and after use, we should pay 

attention to some conditions. Before use, it is recommended not to use if in the following conditions: pregnancy, 

female lactation, female menstrual period, body surface scar, diabetes, fragile skin and light sensitive skin; Severe 

heart disease, moderate to severe hypertension, malignant tumours, folliculitis, infectious skin diseases, skin burns 

and anticoagulant diseases; Children and adults with limited physical, sensory or mental abilities, the elderly.


When using, pay attention to shaving the body hair first. If you do not shave, the dust in the hair may absorb part 

of the light energy, which may cause severe pain or redness of the skin; Too long hair on the surface of the skin to 

absorb heat can cause skin redness and swelling, serious can burn the surface of the skin. In addition, burnt hair will 

produce odor, which will affect the use of hair removal equipment experience.


Home ipl hair removal devices have no side effects and may cause damage to your skin if you choose an unreliable 

depilatory device or operate it incorrectly, so choose a trusted brand before buying one.

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