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Can I use the hair removal machine after plucking?

Time : 2022-12-20 Hits : 4

For girls who love beauty, it is unacceptable to have too much hair, which greatly affects the appearance, but how 

to remove hair?Everyone chooses a different method. Now the FDA hair removal device is a relatively hot hair 

removal product, and it has gradually become the choice of many consumers. It is very safe to use and the hair 

removal effect can be seen quickly.


Before using the FDA hair removal machine, it should be noted that it is not suitable for people who are pregnant, 

lactating, or menstruating;Before using a home hair removal device to remove hair, choose a razor to shave it off. 

Because everyone's skin condition is different, there may be redness and itching of the skin after hair removal. If 

the hair is pulled before hair removal, the skin may be red and swollen. It is recommended Do not pluck the hair 

before using the IPL hair removal machine.


After using the FDA hair removal device, the skin is slightly red or itchy and warm. These are normal phenomena 

and are harmless to the body. Use ice packs or wet towels for cold compresses, and then moisturize with lotion or 

moisturizing products, and it will disappear soon.


FDA Home hair removal devices are now very popular among consumers because they can effectively avoid various 

risks that may occur during plucking or using hair removal creams.When used at home, the depilator is in direct 

contact with the surface of the skin and beams of light deep into the hair follicle, thereby inhibiting hair growth.

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