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Can IPL hair removal machine remove hairline and beard?

Time : 2022-11-10 Hits : 3

The principle of ipl hair removal device is intense pulsed light (IPL), the wavelength reaches 510nm-1100nm, it can be reliably 

absorbed by hair melanin, will not cause harm to the skin, and can remove hair.If you want the hairline to rise a bit, you can use 

a ipl hair removal machine to remove it, but be careful not to affect the hair next to it, otherwise it may cause damage to the 

hair follicles and the hair may no longer grow.There is no need to take off the hairline, so it is recommended not to use it easily.


For men, beard is a normal physiological phenomenon, usually ,the need for regular shaving to solve the problem.If the beard

is so thick that it needs to be shaved every day, If you are very troubled, choose a home hair removal device to remove the beard.


In the use of hair removal device, hair still grows on the body surface after the previous hair removal , which is a normal phenomenon.

In order to successfully remove visible hair and prevent the active growth of hair roots, follow the hair removal cycle in the instructions, 

and the effect is better after hair removal.People with very thick hair can appropriately increase the gear and frequency on the basis 

of the hair removal cycle of the instructions.

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