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Can the hair removal device be shared by two people?

Time : 2022-12-16 Hits : 6

People who buy FDA hair removal devices will be very confused, can FDA home hair removal devices be used together? 

What should I pay attention to?


Now some FDA hair removal device manufacturers sell FDA ipl hair removal machine, with blue light disinfection function,

buy this kind of FDA ipl hair removal device, before and after each use of disinfection, common use will be more assured.

If it is the traditional fda ipl hair removal device does not have the function of disinfection, do not worry, but to do a good 

job of disinfection, FDA laser hair removal machine is only in contact with the skin, will not cause damage to the skin. More 

than 70% alcohol can be used to wipe the light outlet and the body. This will pay more attention to skin hygiene, avoid 

spreading skin diseases, or cross infection.


In winter or those with dry skin, shave and moisturize the skin in advance, and then perform hair removal the next day. After 

long-term use for a period of time, the hair temporarily stops growing, and there is no need to shave before using the hair 

removal device.Unshaven or with residual hair on the skin, which may occur during the lighting process. Dust in the hair may 

absorb part of the light energy, which may cause severe pain or redness of the skin.

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No matter which part of the hair removal, hair removal is not short-term can achieve the effect, FDA home hair removal instrument 

is economical and private. When a ipl hair removal machine is used together, there is no blue light function to disinfect it. Please pay 

attention to disinfect it with alcohol.

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