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Can the home hair removal device be used by more than one person?

Time : 2022-11-18 Hits : 3

Today, many home hair removal devices use the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) principle of hair removal, which only works on 

black hair follicles and does not cause skin damage when used.There are a number of hair removal machine models on 

the market with blue light disinfecting base to make it more hygienic for different parts or multiple people to use, 

so you can share the laser hair removal machine.

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Don't worry if the ipl hair removal device you purchased doesn't come with blue light disinfection.Take out the hair 

removal device before hair removal, dip a small amount of alcohol (alcohol concentration ≥ 70%) with a clean dry 

soft cloth, and wipe the light outlet and the body of the hair removal device several times.After use, use a clean dry 

soft cloth to gently wipe the main ipl hair removal machine and light outlet in time to ensure the effect and life of 

the ipl machine instrument.


The following at home ipl hair removal device has blue light sterilization effect, which does not need to be disinfected 

with alcohol, so it is convenient and practical.


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