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Can you apply body lotion after using home hair removal device?

Time : 2022-11-29 Hits : 9

If you use a FDA ice cooling hair removal device, then the hair removal experience is more comfortable, the skin does not feel 

too much pain.If the FDA hair removal machine does not have the ice cooling function, there will be pain during use,there will 

be slight redness and pain on the skin after hair removal, don't worry, this is normal.The correct way to deal with it is to apply 

ice cooling after hair removal. It usually disappears within 24 hours of remission.

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Take care of the area after hair removal. Please do not use perfume, facial mask and cosmetics containing scrub beads after 

hair removal parts should also do a good job of key protection, do a good job of sun protection, prevent ultraviolet 

irradiation caused skin discomfort, because the skin part after hair removal is more sensitive.

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After hair removal, our skin will have a slight heat and dryness. This reaction is harmless to the body. Don’t worry, it will 

disappear after a period of time. You can also use ice packs or wet towels to cool it down.After 24 hours, apply a mild, 

non-irritating moisturizer.

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