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Does IPL hair removal work well? Give you the desired results.

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If you're using Noble IPL hair removal device, you’ll start seeing results pretty quickly – and after the first four treatments, long-lasting smoothness should be yours.

After the first four treatments, you have up to 8 weeks of freedom from hair removal.

Hair that does regrow is thinner and softer.

We have some very satisfied customers! Read our reviews on the product page here.

When following the treatment schedule, measured on legs, after 3rd treatment, individual results may vary.

When following treatment schedule, measured on legs, individual results vary.


Does IPL work on all types of body hair?

You can use the Noble IPL hair removal device to remove hair on your legs, underarms, bikini line and face. It comes with different curved attachments for different body areas, so it’s easy to reach and treat each one the right way. The five graded light settings and SmartSkin sensor mean that you can always make sure that your skin is getting the gentle treatment it needs.

Time: 8.5 minutes to treat lower legs.

Hair reduction satisfaction rate: 83% for legs.

Bikini area attachment: A more delicately-curved design and a transparent filter allow for the effective treatment of hard-to-reach areas. 3 cm2 window size for a tighter range of focus.

Time: 2 minutes to treat bikini area.

Hair reduction satisfaction rate: 78% for bikini area.

Underarm attachment: No hair is left behind when you’re using this specially-curved attachment. Again, the 3 cm2 window size helps treat stronger and thicker hair accurately.

Time: 2.5 minutes to treat underarms.

Hair reduction satisfaction rate: 86% for underarms

When used corded, time indication for highest energy setting.

Study conducted in Netherlands and Austria with 46 women, after 3 treatments on armpits, bikini, legs, after 2 treatments on face.


Who can try IPL hair removal at home?

One question we hear a lot is ‘does IPL work on my skin/hair tone?IPL hair removal is very effective on a wide range of hair colours and skin tones, with a few exceptions:

As you can see from the chart, IPL devices like the Noble IPL hair removal device work well on dark blonde, brown, and black hair, and most skin shades apart from very dark tones.


What is IPL like? Does IPL hurt?

Simply put, no – it doesn’t hurt. The Noble IPL hair removal device went through clinical testing with over 2,000 women to make sure that it felt gentle and easy to use. Most users reported a slight warm sensation with each flash, but that’s all. That’s one of the reasons over 1.5 million women all over the world are now using IPL: who could say no to pain-free, lasting hair removal?

The key is to use the right light intensity setting on your home IPL hair removal device. There are five to choose from, and a handy guide is included in the pack to help you find the right setting for your skin tone and hair colour.

To avoid any twinges, it’s best to follow the usage guidelines carefully. Shave the area before using home IPL hair removal device and avoid flashing the same area repeatedly. And, as you can imagine, it’s best not to use IPL (or any other hair removal treatment) on broken or irritated skin, tattoos, infections, or burns.

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