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Does the home ice cooling hair removal device have a hair removal effect?

Time : 2023-02-08 Hits : 4

For some people who want to buy a ice cooling hair removal device, but does the ice cooling hair removal device 

have any effect?

Data studies have shown that intense pulsed light reaching a certain wavelength has the effect of hair removal.   

The home ice cooling hair removal device is also called the IPL photon hair removal device, and the IPL mode 

of the home hair removal device is very safe.   The wavelength of IPL goes deep into the hair follicles to destroy 

them.After repeated hair removal, the hair will no longer grow or grow less.   Home hair removal devices are 

relatively small in size, and are more convenient to carry and store.


Although the home ice cooling hair removal device has a series of benefits, but because there are so many brands

on the market, we must pay attention to these parameters when choosing a home hair removal device, in order to 

choose a home hair removal device with good effect, high safety and comfort .


The purchased ice cooling hair removal device has a wavelength of 510~1200nm and an energy of about 5J/cm², 

which is effective for removing body hair.   It uses strong pulsed light with a certain penetration depth and a wavelength 

that has good absorption capacity in melanin, causing the entire hair to fall off. 

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