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Does the ipl hair removal device work on light blond and white hair?

Time : 2022-11-07 Hits : 8

With the continuous development of science and technology, the widespread use of home ipl hair removal has also replaced device

most traditional hair removal processes. Hair removal technology is also becoming more and more mature,sapphire ice cooling  

hair removal instrument, ice cooling remove hair machine etc.Recently, a few foreign trade friends came to the factory to learn

about the products and mentioned that our photon hair removal device is effective for those people with light blonde or white 

hair in Europe?



As to whether the photon hair removal device can be effectively used for golden white hair, we might as well first understand

the "connotation" of the photon hair removal device: using the dark color of the hair, it can absorb a large amount of energy

in the photons, so that the hair heats up rapidly and achieves "burning to death". Hair follicles for hair removal. Just as black 

objects in the sun are hot and white objects are relatively cold, light-colored hair doesn't absorb the light emitted by photonic

hair removal devices very well. So is it that people with light-colored hair can't use it?In fact, hair growth is cyclical. Compared

with people with dark hair, users with light hair can achieve the same hair removal effect as long as they adjust the frequency

of use and the energy level. For example, for the same photon hair removal device,for people with dark hair, she may only need

to use 3 gears, twice a week, for 4 consecutive weeks to get the hair removal effect;but for people with light blond hair,she may

get the hair removal effect. You need to use the 5th gear, 3 to 4 times a week, and you can see the effect of hair removal

after 6 consecutive weeks.


Therefore, for people with different skin tones and hair of different colors, the methods and frequencies of photon hair removal devices 

are different. Friends who want to sell overseas, you should also give consumers appropriate advice according to different groups of people.

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