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Does the IPL hair removal machine work?

Time : 2023-01-04 Hits : 7

Many people will observe their lip hair, hand hair, leg hair, and so on, always feel that the body hair is very much, 

resulting in sometimes wearing clothes always have to consider this problem.Think of hair removal, the first thought 

is the traditional hair removal method, but the traditional hair removal method can not completely solve the hair, 

the use of hair removal device really effect?


There are many different kinds of ipl hair removal machines out there, but do they really live up to the hype?We need 

to judge whether it is true or not.  Some studies have shown that wavelengths above 510nm are safe and suitable for 

effective hair removal.  Too low a wavelength may damage the eyes and skin.  Therefore, it is recommended to choose 

a photon hair removal device with a yellow filter or above.  The hair removal energy is above 5J/cm², which can achieve 

effective hair removal.

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If you don't choose the right depilator, hair removal is not only ineffective and can harm your skin, but if you use the 

wrong method, or not consistent use of the depilator, it can also affect the effect of hair removal.

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Before hair removal, if the hair is longer than 1mm, shave off the body hair first. If the body hair is not shaved, the excessive 

hair will absorb heat on the skin surface, causing redness and swelling of the skin, and seriously scald the surface skin. In 

addition, burnt hair will produce odor, which will affect the experience of using the hair removal device.

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Depilator has hair removal effect, to choose the right depilator, depilatory will be much faster. The use of ipl hair removal 

device has a complete cycle, after the first few times of hair removal irradiation still have hair growth on the body surface, 

which is a normal phenomenon. If you insist on using it, you will find obvious changes in the hair. 

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