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Does the light of ipl hair removal machine hurt the eye?

Time : 2022-12-15 Hits : 4

Nowadays, the demand for hair removal is gradually increasing, and many hair removal products are also well-known, 

especially now that  hair removal devices are becoming more and more popular. When choosing hair removal products, 

many people will give priority to laser hair removal machines, mainly because they can go deep into the hair follicles to 

solve the problem of thick hair removal machine before and after the use of matters that need to pay attention 

to, some small partners will ask, ipl hair removal machine in the use of light to harm the body? Does it hurt the eyes?


When buying a hair removal device, the merchant will be equipped with professional protective glasses. As long as the 

operation is standardized and protective measures are added, there is no harm to the eyes.


Always wear goggles when using a photon hair removal device. Wear safety goggles to prevent direct eye contact with 

flickering lights and do not flash the eyes. It is recommended to wear protective glasses for each operation to prevent 

the eyes from being damaged by intense pulsed light. Although pulsed light does not directly affect the eyes, high-frequency 

flickering light may affect your vision.


The light from a depilator is not harmful to the eyes as long as it is done correctly. To adhere to the use of depilator, for 

a period of time will feel a significant change.

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