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Don't try these hair removal methods

Time : 2022-12-06 Hits : 2

For girls, in addition to daily cleaning and skin care on the face, they should also pay attention to the fine hair on the 

lips and cheeks.


There are ways to remove lip hair. We do not recommend trying the following methods, it is easy to damage the skin.


This hair removal method is very painful, and this method is prone to erythema, redness and swelling,

It is easy to cause folliculitis for a long time. Girls who are afraid of pain and have sensitive skin should not try this.


2. Shaving lip hair

The method of shaving lip hair is much better than plucking lip hair, and there is no pain in the process of shaving.But 

we should pay attention when we shave, otherwise it is easy to scratch our skin.Although the method of the razor is 

simple and convenient, the effect is very fast to see, but the substantial damage is also immediate, serious words will 

even leave ugly scars.


3. Bleaching lip hair

Different from other hair removal methods, it is "bleaching", which makes the lip hair lighter in color!Visually reduces 

the presence of lip hair,But in fact, many people have used it and feel that the chemical taste is serious, the smell is 

unpleasant, and the irritation is strong; there will be a strong tingling sensation when using it; it is easy to burn the 

skin on the edge of the lips.


The above three methods of lip hair removal are recommended not to try lightly.If you want to remove lip hair safely, 

you can go to a beauty salon to choose laser hair removal. There are professionals to operate, so don't worry;or buy 

a home hair removal device, you can gently remove hair at home, according to the instructions to use simple operation.

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