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Doubts about the use of home hair removal device

Time : 2022-11-30 Hits : 5

IPL works by using the principle of selective thermal effect, where the light it emits only hits the melanin in the hair follicle,

After the energy of light is converted into heat energy, the instant temperature increases sharply, destroying the activity of 

the hair follicle, so that the hair follicle enters the dormant period, so as to achieve the purpose of hair removal to inhibit 

the growth of hair.I believe that you will have some doubts when you start a FDA home hair removal machine. Now let's 

answer those questions.


1. Will underarm hair removal affect perspiration?

In terms of skin structure, hair follicles and sweat glands are completely independent of each other.In principle, IPL hair 

removal is to destroy the melanin in the hair follicle through the principle of selective thermal effect.There is no melanin 

in the sweat glands, which will not destroy the sweat glands. So FDA ipl hair removal machine will not affect the normal 

perspiration, you can rest assured to use.


2, FDA hair removal machine has radiation?

Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a non-laser light source.The use of intense pulsed light with a certain penetration depth and 

a wavelength that has good absorption capacity in melanin will eventually result in the loss of the entire hair due to the 

necrosis of the growth cells.As a result, FDA ipl hair removal machine have no radiation and are not dangerous to the 

human body.


3. Will the skin get worse after using a home FDA hair removal machine?

FDA laser hair removal machine is an intense pulse light depilatory principle, only for the hair follicle in the melanin.In 

the process of use will not affect the skin, but also make the skin smooth and white, more will not hurt the skin.

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