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Filters is one of the most important elements for IPL hair removal device

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Individual light pulses have a specific duration, intensity, and spectral distribution allowing for a controlled and confined energy delivery into tissue. IPL use in dermatology relies on the basis that certain targets for energy absorption (chromophores) are capable of absorbing energy from this broad spectrum of light wavelength (absorptive band) without exclusively being targeted by their highest absorption peak.

The working basis of the IPL rests on the principle of selective photothermolysis, in which thermally mediated radiation damage is confined to chosen epidermal and/or dermal pigmented targets at the cellular or tissue structural levels. Tissues surrounding these targeted structures, including overlying or immediately neighboring cells, are spared, potentially reducing nonspecific, widespread thermal injury.


The three main chromophores (hemoglobin, water, and melanin) in human skin all have broad absorption peaks of light energy, allowing them to be targeted by a range as well as a specific wavelength of light. Therefore, monochromaticity of the light beam is not a prerequisite for selective heating of target structures in human skin. The broad wavelength range discharged from an IPL device leads to the simultaneous emission of green, yellow, red, and infrared wavelengths allowing the various chromophores to be targeted concurrently.


Most of the currently available IPL emission devices however, can be limited at the lower end of the emission spectrum by using dichroic or “cut off” filters to more selectively target desired cellular or structural elements. Although most IPL devices have one or two cutoff filters, available cutoff filters include 515, 550, 560, 570, 590, 615, 645, 690, and 755nm and function by blocking emission of shorter wavelength light. Apart from wavelength, a wide range of other treatment parameters including pulse duration, pulse sequences, and pulse delay time may be customized on most devices, affording users greater versatility and precision.


Therefore, one attractive feature of IPL devices is their ability to treat various targets with the same device by applying different filters.

Noble Manufacturing is specialized in portable IPL hair removal devices, the filters of these devices including 510nm,600nm,610nm,640nm.

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