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Hair removal in autumn and winter is a golden period, which is suitable for use at home.

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There are many ways to hair removal, and some methods can indeed achieve immediate results, but if you want the effect of lasting 

hair removal, if you want to hair removal at home, it is better to choose a  FDA hair removal instrument, which is very convenient to 

use at home.The use of home hair removal instruments is cyclical, in the hair growth period to inhibit hair follicle hair growth, The 

effect is very good, so autumn and winter hair removal is the golden period.


Autumn and winter hair removal is the golden period, after hair removal to avoid high intensity ultraviolet irradiation.Autumn and 

winter hair removal can effectively avoid outdoor ultra-high temperature and high intensity UV, sunscreen work is much easier to do, 

does not affect the normal recovery of the skin.At this time to buy FDA ipl hair removal instrument is the best, choose hair removal 

instrument, to see the wavelength and energy, 510nm-1100nm wavelength, can be reliably absorbed by hair melanin, and will not 

cause damage to the skin. Hair removal energy is more than 5J/cm², can achieve effective hair removal.


The lamp area of the hair removal instrument is about 2cm-5cm, and the light frequency is about 1s-5s. But after the light output 

area is large, the energy density is small, and the energy density is small, there is no hair removal effect. So there's a balance to be 

struck between the two, and generally 3 cm squared is enough. Light output speed of 0.8s can almost meet customer demand, too 

fast light, may not be able to achieve effective hair removal.

Stick to the FDA depilator in the fall and winter for smoother skin next summer.

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