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Hair removal machine price gap how so big?

Time : 2023-01-03 Hits : 4

For example, FDA hair removal machine equipment can be used all year round, and autumn and winter is a more suitable season for hair removal, 

to avoid being exposed to the sun, it is not easy to leave pigmentation, and the effect of hair removal is better.Since the FDA hair removal machine 

principle used by the FDA hair removal machine on the market is basically intense pulsed light (IPL), how can the price gap be so large? What's the 

difference between them? Next, let's look down together.


There are some FDA hair removal machine manufacturers in the production of FDA hair removal instrument, the material is relatively cheap, such 

as glass lamp, filter wavelength, energy density and so on; the FDA hair removal device produced in this way is very cheap, but the service life is 

very short, because the light energy of glass lamp is low and the stability is not high.High-priced hair removal equipment, from quartz lamp tubes,  

sapphires, etc., these materials combined, the light is more stable, balanced, longer service life, the price will rise.


When choosing the energy density and wavelength, it is necessary to see clearly that the energy density is above 5J/ cm ², which can achieve effective 

hair removal. Wavelength above 510nm is safe and appropriate, too low wavelength may hurt eyes and skin.

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