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Have you ever heard the hair removal rumors?

Time : 2022-11-21 Hits : 4

Many people choose to remove some conspicuous body hair without hesitation in order to look better in clothes, 

such as armpit hair, hand hair, and leg hair.But the most popular rumors about hair removal are these four sentences,

Are you fooled?


Rumors 1: Shaving and plucking will not cause skin sagging

Sagging is particularly obvious on the face, when hair removal is not paid attention to will lead to red skin swelling.

Therefore, in the hair removal work, also should maintain the health condition of hair removal tools. Try to avoid 

pulling the skin hair removal methods, you can use other hair removal methods.


Rumor 2: The more body hair you shave, the more hair you grow

Shaving off the hair and growing back and getting thicker is just a visual illusion. Because the razor shaves off part 

of the hair that reveals the surface of the skin, it will not affect the hair follicles under the skin, so it will not accelerate 

the growth or thickening of the hair.


Rumor 3: the menstrual period can be hair removal

Due to the influence of hormones, women's uterus will shed a lot of blood, and the body's tolerance to pain will not 

be the same as usual.Women who depilate during menstruation may feel uncomfortable.


Rumor 4: hair no longer grows after using depilation products

The use of razors, beeswax, hair removal cream, etc., can only solve the problem of thick hair in a short period of time, 

after a period of time, the hair will grow out.laser hair removal machine and IPL hair removal can solve the problem of 

thick hair at the root.Laser hair removal and ipl hair removal machine can solve the problem of dense hair at the root, 

but it takes a long time to achieve the effect of hairless,So stick to using.

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