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Here are details about using a home hair removal device

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If there is too much excess body hair, which will affect the appearance, many girls will choose to remove their hair in spring 

or autumn and winter, because in the three seasons of hair removal, UV rays are not very strong, skin recovery is relatively fast, 

to the summer exposed skin less hair.


Is home FDA Depilator suitable for everyone?

In fact,  hair removal is somewhat contraindicated. For example, patients with skin ulcers, infections or allergies, patients with 

heart disease stents, or people with dark skin are not suitable for photon hair removal equipment.

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In the first month of hair removal, hair removal needs to be done every 2 or 3 days, because hair growth has a growth period, 

a regression period, and a rest period, and regular hair removal is required.The darker the hair color, the easier it is to remove. 

The melanin of the hair is not obvious, and the more difficult it is to remove. It is necessary to increase the number of times to 

achieve the best effect.

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Many people bought hair removal cream and wax for hair removal by themselves, and after using it, they developed skin lesions, 

skin infections, or even skin ulcers.Repeated use of depilatory cream or beeswax for hair removal, in addition to causing damage 

to the skin, cannot achieve long-term hair removal effects, and the hair will grow back after a period of time.The advantage of the 

home hair removal device is more than the traditional method of hair removal, because the light directly penetrates deep into the 

hair follicles and destroys the hair follicles, so long-term use can achieve permanent hair removal without irritating the skin.

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