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Home hair removal device purchase guide

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IPL uses the principle of selective thermal effect. The light emitted by IPL only acts on the melanin in the hair follicle. 

After the energy of light is converted into heat energy, the temperature increases rapidly, destroying the activity of 

the hair follicle and making the hair follicle enter the dormant period, so as to achieve the purpose of hair removal 

to inhibit hair growth.This process only damages the hair follicles, not the sweat glands, so don't worry.


When purchasing a ipl hair removal machine, you need to pay attention to the wavelength, energy density, light 

output speed and light output area.

1. Wavelength

The wavelength of the FDA hair removal instrument should not be too high or too low. The wavelength of 

510-1200nm is the safe passage range of the wavelength of  home FDA ipl hair removal device.Short wavelengths 

of light below 510nm contain what is commonly known as blue light, which is very powerful and can cause a lot 

of damage to the eyes and skin.And the FDA has long mandated that the IPL used in home ipl machine must 

exceed 500 nm, otherwise it is illegal.


2. Energy density and light outlet area

The energy density of the FDA ipl machine is above 5J/cm2, which can effectively destroy the hair follicles.The 

larger the irradiated area of the FDA hair removal machine, the more energy it absorbs, the better the hair 

removal effect will be.


3. Light output speed

The faster the light output speed of the FDA hair removal machine, the better the sensitivity, the shorter the 

hair removal time, and the more obvious the hair removal effect.

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