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Home hair removal instrument to make hair removal more convenient for all

Time : 2022-12-22 Hits : 2

Most of the domestic hair removal instruments on the market use IPL hair removal principle, mainly to gentle hair removal, high safety, 

easy to use. Among the many traditional hair removal instruments, home hair removal instruments can be preferred to win, to meet the 

different needs of consumers, but also to solve the problem of repeated hair growth.


The volume, wavelength, energy and outlet area of the hair removal instrument will affect the overall comfort and effect of hair removal.

Sapphire ice cooling hair removal instrument adopts sapphire refrigeration technology to effectively reduce the burning sense of hair 

removal, sapphire hair removal head contact with the skin, ice temperature as low as 5℃, continuous work 1000 times, the temperature 

is kept below 22°C.


Compared with traditional hair removal, the temperature is too high, cause pain, easy to burn the skin, sapphire ice point hair removal 

instrument has a great change.Can do the whole process of ice cooling hair removal, experience comfort,  effective hair removal.


In this aspect of home hair removal instrument, hair removal instrument manufacturers always take consumer demand as the goal, 

improve the level of scientific and technological services and innovative application, so that consumers feel the safety, convenience 

and comfort of home hair removal instrument. Such a depilator is more reliable and can make hair removal more convenient.

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