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How long can you apply makeup after facial hair removal?

Time : 2022-12-19 Hits : 3

People with thick hair are often troubled, and they often pay attention to how to remove hair more scientifically. There are many 

kinds of hair removal methods now. It is necessary to choose a reliable hair removal method that is not easy to damage the skin, 

so that it will not affect the appearance.


When can I wear makeup after facial hair removal? This should be determined according to the recovery of the individual's skin, 

and it will take about 3 days.At present, there are optical hair removal: laser hair removal and intense pulsed light hair removal 

only work on the hair follicles during use and do not hurt the skin. Some friends may worry about whether facial hair removal 

will cause harm, after all, the skin on the face is relatively fragile. If the skin of sensitive skin is prone to slight redness or a slight 

itching or warmth, these are normal phenomena, harmless to the body and will disappear soon.


Friends who are busy at work feel that it is more convenient to remove hair at home, so it is more efficient to choose a reliable 

FDA hair removal device. But be careful, after hair removal, it is recommended not to use chemical hair removal within 30 days.


The FDA sapphire ice cooling hair removal device on the market is very friendly to sensitive skin, safe, comfortable and painless 

hair removal. Manufacturers have developed safe and effective high-quality products for the needs of consumers, so that 

consumers can further experience new experiences.

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