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How long does it take to use home IPL hair removal if it doesn't work once?

Time : 2023-02-23 Hits : 2

In fact, for many women who do not know about home hair removal devices, home IPL hair removal is not their first choice. 

The reason is that using a home IPL hair removal device does not stop hair growth. Then they may think that there is no difference 

between using a home photon hair removal device and using a hair removal cream or a shaving device. But this is incorrect.


Let's see what the difference is.

Using traditional hair removal methods: shaving, hair removal cream, are these hair removal methods really good?

For example, does your skin experience a slight tingling after using a razor? Some women with sensitive skin may even have small red 

spots on the skin, which are a little itchy and painful. If things go on like this, it may also lead to clogged pores and hair not growing out.

In the case of depilatory creams, the chemicals in the depilatory cream can damage skin tissue. Repeated use will gradually thin the stratum 

corneum of the skin.


Home photon hair removal is really much better than the three methods mentioned above. IPL hair removal integrates ice cooling hair removal, 

pore shrinkage, and skin rejuvenation in one machine, with multiple functions in one machine. When using a hair removal device, the beam of 

light passes through the surface of the skin and reaches the follicle at the root of the hair. Melanin absorbs light energy and releases it. The 

temperature of melanin rises sharply, causing the hair follicle tissue to be damaged and lose its vitality.

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Why does it take multiple uses of a home photon hair removal device to achieve permanent hair removal?

This is because hair growth is cyclical, only the hair melanin content in the growth period is higher, and hair removal is only effective in the growth 

period. The melanin content of hair follicles in the anagen and telogen phases is low, and the hair removal effect is not great. Therefore, in order to 

have a good hair removal effect, it is recommended to remove hair more than 5-8 times.

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