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How long does the ice cooling hair removal effect last?

Time : 2023-03-13 Hits : 3

After using the ice cooling hair removal for a certain number of times, the ice cooling hair removal can achieve permanent hair removal. 

However, after not using the epilator for a long time, small hairs will grow locally, mainly thin and soft.


The wavelength of photon hair removal can penetrate the epidermis, be absorbed by the hair follicles in the dermis to generate heat, 

destroy the hair follicles, and achieve the effect of hair removal. At the same time, it can chemically change the molecular structure of 

collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the dermis, and promote the regeneration and rearrangement of skin collagen. IPL photon hair removal 

removes body hair with ease. Compared with single-wavelength laser hair removal, intense pulsed photothermal hair removal uses specific 

multi-wavelength light waves for irradiation treatment. After photothermal intense pulsed light irradiation, hair growth is delayed or even 

completely stopped in a short period of time, achieving the purpose of permanent hair removal.


Generally speaking, IPL ice cooling hair removal can be used for whole body hair removal. Many users see a gradual cessation of hair growth

after about 8 weeks of treatment. Hair removal can be done according to the degree of hair growth.

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