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How long does use home hair removal device have effect?

Time : 2022-12-13 Hits : 3

When the wavelength and energy of some traditional hair removal devices are relatively high, it will be very painful if you don’t apply the gel. 

The pain of ipl hair removal machine is so impressive, so friends who buy home hair removal devices often ask whether the hair removal device 

can be used once or How long does it take to suppress hair growth?However, there is a complete hair removal cycle when using a hair removal 

device, and the hair suppression time is very short when used once or several times. Usually it takes long-term use to see long-lasting results. 

What should we pay attention to when we insist on using the hair removal device?


For large - scale hair removal devices, ipl hair removal machine are now more popular.Buy a sapphire ice cooling hair removal device or ice cooling 

hair removal device, even if you do not use gel, you will not have too much pain;The traditional hair removal device without ice function needs to 

apply gel to reduce pain, and choose the one that suits you through the energy gear to achieve better hair removal effect. Generally, if you keep 

using this hair removal device for about 4 months, you can see a good hair removal effect.

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The gentle and comfortable hair removal process is conducive to long-term use.For those with sensitive muscles, don't worry. Sapphire ice cooling 

hair removal machine and  ice cooling  hair removal machine are very friendly to those with sensitive muscles. It is recommended to start from the 

lowest energy level at the beginning of use, and then increase the gear after skin adapts to achieve rapid depillation effect.

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