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How to choose a hair removal device?

Time : 2022-11-25 Hits : 7

When it comes to ipl hair removal machine, everyone should be familiar with it.With the development of technology, 

more and more people in need of hair removal now prefer to use a hair removal device rather than the traditional 

shaving knife, hair removal cream, wax.Hair removal devices are now the most popular hair removal products. 

Most people prefer to remove hair at home, mainly can choose their own hair removal time. So how to choose 

home hair removal device?


First, choose a hair removal device with a wavelength between 510 and 1200nm.The longer the wavelength of 

the ipl hair removal device, the stronger the penetration, the more it can penetrate the hair follicle and destroy it, 

the more significant the depilatory effect, the better its effectiveness and safety;The penetration of the 

short-wavelength ipl hair removal device is insufficient, most of the light is only absorbed by the epidermis, can not 

reach the deep layer of the target hair follicle to work, the hair removal effect is not good.


It is also important to choose ahair removal device with high energy density.The higher the energy density, the easier 

it is to penetrate the hair follicles, destroy the hair follicles, and the hair removal effect is more obvious.But too much 

energy will cause some damage to the skin, so when choosing a high-wavelength, energy ipl machine, you should 

apply gel and use it together.The area of light outlet is also very important, the larger the area of light outlet, the 

higher the efficiency of hair removal.


Select the ipl hair removal machine that has passed the FDA security certification. In order to ensure the safety of 

hair removal at home, it is best to choose a hair remover with FDA safety certification. FDA, an acronym for the 

Food and Drug Administration of the United States, is an international medical review body that specializes in 

food and drug administration, medical equipment and other safety law enforcement agencies. The certified 

laser hair removal machine has proved its safety and reliability.

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