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How to choose a hair removal device?

Time : 2023-02-27 Hits : 5

It is best to consult a professional skin doctor to decide whether to choose a home optical hair removal device 

or a semiconductor laser hair removal device.


Hair removal should be used consistently to achieve a better hair removal effect. Therefore, choose a lighter 

hair removal device, which is easier to use and easier to use for a long time.

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Choose a multi-level home hair removal device. Because the hair removal device has different energy levels, 

choose the hair removal device for different body parts, so that users can choose different gears for hair removal.

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Select the qualified energy density and wavelength. The study found that the hair follicle tissue can be effectively 

destroyed only when the energy density of the hair removal device is >5 J/cm2. Choose a hair removal device with 

an energy density ≥ 5 J/cm2 (energy density = total energy/light outlet area) and a long light wave with an initial 

wavelength of 620nm, so that the pain is light and the effect can be guaranteed.


It is not advisable to choose a hair removal device that is too cheap. The optical filter is the main component of the 

hair removal device. If you choose a hair removal device that is too cheap, the quality of the filter is poor, the filtering 

effect is poor, the hair removal effect is not good, and the skin is easily injured.

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