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How to get rid of the problem of unwanted hair? Girl with thick body hair come and have a look

Time : 2020-05-20 Hits : 4

This is a contribution from one of our customers. Thank you very much, you gave us feedback on real use experience. Thank you for your support, we will do better in the future!

Customer feedback:

Summer is coming, the hairy girl must have the same trouble as me.

I dare not wear all the beautiful skirts and Sleeveless top!

Just shaved the body hair, after a day,the hair came out! As a gril, this is absolutely unacceptable!

So I decided to take good care of it.


During this period, I also went through many detours. For example, I used a brand of depilation cream that makes me allegic. Another brand I have tried as well, I was not allergic but the hair grew longer than before; when I used depilation wax paper to depilate, I thought it would last for a long time, but then it grew back not for a long time. What a very unpleasant experience!

The pain of hairy girl, I know!

Later, I learned that there is depilation service in the beauty salon.. For my hair, I decided to try it, but the price is too expensive! Just at this time, my best friend recommended the home hair remover of this brand to me, saying that the effect is very good, and the key point is that it's not expensive, hundreds of pieces can be used for whole body hair removal! So, I did not hesitate to buy one. The product is shown in the figure:


This one I bought is a high-end version. The main point is painless for hair removal. The five fastest depilation gears are used. It really doesn't feel hurt!

The first month is recommended to use it once a week, but I'm anxious. I use it twice a month, Obviously, the growth speed of hair is slower! One course of treatment is three months. In the second and third months, I use it once a half month and once a month according to the instructions. After a course of treatment, my skin is better! Asked the customer service, she said that the intense pulsed light has skin rejuvenation function, which is really an unexpected harvest.


No unwanted hair is really a good feeling, throw away a burden of thought.I’m not a hairy girl! I really recommend other girls with unwanted hair problem, because I know the embarrassment of you! I hope I can share something useful with you.

Let me show you a comparison of the before and after. I also wish your hair removal success as soon as possible!

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