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How to hair removal device yourself at home? Ice cooling hair removal device can solve this problem

Time : 2023-01-12 Hits : 3

If you want to remove hair in summer, shaving knife, hair removal cream, wax, etc., these methods can really see the results immediately, 

but after a while the body hair will grow back; Going to a salon for hair removal is expensive and requires an appointment. Want at 

home depilate how to do?


Home hair removal instrument is a product with good hair removal effect and high safety. Home hair removal instrument adopts IPL 

technology, IPL is short for intense pulse light, with good effect, high safety, no side effects, painless, shrinking pores, moisturizing skin 

and other advantages. The principle is to destroy hair follicles through the way of photothermal conversion, ice cooling hair removal 

instrument equipped with semiconductor refrigeration freezing technology, can be painless and safe in the process of hair removal.


It is very important to choose a good hair removal instrument, about 3-5 times will have a more obvious effect, and with the increase 

of the frequency of use, the better the hair removal effect will be. The frequency of use is 1~2 times a week, adhere to 1 cycle, basically 

can not see the trace of hair. Different parts of the body need to remove the length of time and need to interval will be different, 

according to the body hair condition to determine. 


Adhere to the use of a period of time, the skin will become very smooth, even can achieve a long time to inhibit the growth of hair. 

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