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How to remove hair and stop growing?

Time : 2023-03-09 Hits : 3

It is recommended to choose laser or IPL hair removal methods. Generally, after a period of hair removal, you can achieve permanent 

hair removal and no longer hair growth.Generally used beeswax hair removal, or hair removal cream hair removal, only slows the growth 

of hair to a certain extent, and removes the existing hair, and it is impossible to make the body hair no longer grow. Long-term repeated 

hair removal is required. And don't do it too often, frequent hair removal will irritate the skin and may cause skin inflammation and hair follicles.


Persistent hair removal generally adopts laser or IPL photon hair removal, which is the hair removal method that many girls generally choose, 

and now the technology is getting better and better. You can choose to go to the hospital or beauty salon for hair removal, or you can buy a 

hair removal device to remove hair at home.


So far, there is no single hair removal technology that can bring about permanent hair removal after one use. Whether you use a razor, beeswax, 

epilator, hair removal cream, or laser hair removal and IPL photon hair removal, it must be treated according to the law of the hair growth cycle. 

Laser hair removal, generally 5-7 times of treatment, you can see the effect, IPL hair removal can be used for whole body hair removal. Many 

users can see that the hair gradually stops growing after about 8 weeks of treatment. Hair removal can be done according to the degree of 

hair growth. But after a long time without hair removal, small hairs will grow locally, mainly thin and soft.

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