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How to stop body hair growth?

Time : 2023-01-13 Hits : 3

Due to different hormone levels, some women have more and darker body hair than others.  First find out if the body 

hair caused by pathological factors is too long, you need to go to the hospital to consult a doctor in time.  If it is a 

physiological factor to choose a variety of hair removal methods.

腋下妇女护理, 白色背景隔离

If you want to prevent the growth of body hair, you can use a shaving knife, hair removal cream, wax and other 

short-term stop hair growth, but the maintenance of time is not long, if you want to stop leg hair growth for a long 

time, it is recommended to go to the beauty salon or hospital to do laser hair removal and now the market is more 

popular hair removal instrument.


Laser hair removal is usually the use of specific wavelengths directly acting on the part of the hair follicle, can promote 

the destruction of hair follicles or atrophy, achieve lasting hair removal effect, can avoid repeated hair growth.  Laser 

hair removal is usually carried out in hospitals or beauty hospitals, most of the large hair removal device, due to the 

relatively high wavelength and energy, the need for professional operation, not suitable for their own operation.


Home hair removal instrument is using IPL technology, also known as photon hair removal instrument.Home hair 

removal instrument need to understand some parameters in advance when buying, home hair removal instrument 

wavelength in 510-1200nm, energy in 5J/cm² has hair removal effect.   Home hair removal instrument has no laser 

hair removal wavelength and high energy, so the hair removal effect is not very obvious, the need to remove hair 

several times to see the effect, if adhere to the use can achieve the purpose of inhibiting hair growth.


Both laser hair removal device and IPL hair removal apparatus can slow the growth of body hair, but it should be 

noted that the hair after depilation only grows slowly and the hair that grows in the later stage becomes lighter 

and shorter, which does not mean that there can be no hair forever.

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