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How to use the ice cooling hair removal device in winter?

Time : 2023-02-16 Hits : 3

Some friends will feel that it is so cold, wouldn't it be colder to use the ice cooling hair removal device? 

The current hair removal device manufacturers have perfected many small details for household hair 

removal devices. Some manufacturers have improved the comfort of product use in combination with 

the needs of consumers. The ice cooling hair removal device has more outstanding advantages over 

the traditional hair removal device, especially the painless hair removal. It can achieve the effect of 

hair removal while ice compressing, further improves the hair removal efficiency, and can persist in 

the long-term hair removal cycle.


The ice cooling hair removal device can remove hair effectively, safely and painlessly. Choose a reliable 

ice cooling hair removal device. If you feel too cold during hair removal, you can cancel the ice cooling 



If you use a ice cooling hair removal instrument in winter, you should pay attention to the temperature 

difference of the use environment reaching more than 20°C (from a low temperature environment to a 

high temperature environment or vice versa), turn off the instrument and let it stand for about 2 hours 

before using it; check the device, keep the light outlet and The fuselage is clean and tidy. Hair or dust 

will pollute the light outlet, block the light, and may reduce the service life of the device.

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The point is that if the filter on the light exit of the instrument is damaged, please stop using it immediately 

and contact the seller or manufacturer for after-sales service. Now start hair removal, pay attention to skin 

care after hair removal, the skin is white and smooth in summer!

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