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IPL hair removal device which one is better?

Time : 2022-11-03 Hits : 10

Want to wear clothes in summer without showing armpit hair and “leg hair”?Today, I would like to introduce 

a very useful instrument from NOBLE , the ipl hair removal machine M6, ipl hair removal system ,which has three

functions, not only for hair removal, but also for skin beautification and acne removal.


Hair removal mode, energy density 6J/cm² and suitable spectrum 600-1200nm, can directly reach hair follicles for

precise hair removal.

Skin care, used to lighten .freckles and dullness, Stimulates the increase in the amount of collagen in the skin to 

eliminate wrinkles and reduce pores.

For girls who are prone to acne, use the acne care mode because it prevents the growth of Propionibacterium 

acnes in the hair follicles and prevents the skin from recurring acne.

Based on 10 years of skin care research and development experience, it is designed according to national 

standards (GB/T 30117.3-2019), making skin care safe and effective.


In summer, many sisters sent private messages to ask about the secret to whitening. If you want to wear a 

suspender skirt with confidence, then your arms and legs will look good. Secretly sharing with you a quick 

and effective secret, that's at home laser hair removal.

The  hair removal  principle of this laser hair removal ipl is intense pulsed light (IPL), which can whiten and

rejuvenate the skin while removing hair.let you zoom in to see the skin condition after long-term use.The 

same wavelength in the beauty salon is 600-1200nm, which penetrates deep into the roots of the hair

follicles and "shovels the grass and removes the roots"

For those with sensitive muscles and those who are afraid of pain, turn on the ice pack function to reduce

the heat sensation, allowing you to finish hair removal comfortably .We all know that the pace of life is 

getting faster and faster now. The radiation of mobile phones, overtime, and staying up late have made 

our skin more freckles, dullness,repeated acne breakouts, and aging skin. Cosmetics alone cannot effectively 

prevent skin aging.

In addition to the hair removal mode mentioned above, this product also has skin care, lightening freckles and 

dullness. Long-term use can effectively promote pigment .metabolism, skin metabolism, and collagen regeneration.

Acne care mode that stops the growth of Propionibacterium acnes in the hair follicles, thus preventing the skin 

from recurring acne.There are 9 gears to achieve more refined hair removal, skin beautification and acne removal.

Use it quickly, love beautiful ladies.

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