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IPL ice cool home hair removal device, suitable for your hair removal program

Time : 2022-11-08 Hits : 6

Some friends who need hair removal used tweezers to pull hair, shave hair, hair removal cream, etc, 

and it didn't take long for them to grow back. Are you tired of repeated hair removal? Want a powerful, 

safe, and painless comfort during hair removal, and now at-home hair removal device can meet these needs.

ipl hair removal devices factory add semiconductor refrigeration chips to ipl hair removal device, allowing

consumers to solve problems faster and better when removing hair. The ice cool home hair removal device 

has also become the choice of many people, especially when it comes to hair removal in the armpit and 

bikini area, the comfortable experience will persist for the next hair removal cycle.


At present, the technology of ice cool home hair removal device on the market is very mature. In terms 

of operation, novices can easily operate according to the instructions and get started easily. The whole 

body of the ipl hair removal machine is ergonomic and can be operated with one hand. The light outlet 

is close to the skin, which increases the contact area with the skin, exposes the hair follicles, absorbs more

pulsed light, and makes hair removal cleaner and faster.It is a very suitable hair removal solution for office 

workers and socially fearful friends.


Although the home ipl hair removal machine can be easily operated, there are still some things to pay 

attention to when using it. When using it for the first time, it is recommended to start from level 1 for hair

removal at any part. Different body parts need to use different light intensity levels, because the skin color

of each part is not the same.


It is recommended to repeat 1-2 rounds of irradiation for each hair removal, so as to fully cover every pore, 

and deeply act on the hair follicle to achieve a better hair removal effect (dark skin and sensitive skin operate 

according to their own conditions). In each operation, do not repeat the irradiation in the same area in succession.

Friends who want to use the ice cool home hair removal device, remember some precautions to make hair removal 

easier and more flexible. If you insist on using it, you will find that the hair is significantly different from before.

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