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Is hair removal necessary? You will know after reading this article

Time : 2022-12-12 Hits : 6

 For most girls, their views on body hair are actually more demanding than boys. This is because girls are inherently 

more sensitive to beauty than boys. Girls of all ages have the right to say about body hair. They will choose to get rid 

of hair. Ladies from the age of 40 to 15 years old cannot tolerate the raging growth of body hair.

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Which parts of the body need to be depilated? The following body parts need to be depilated:

1. Lip hair: The small fluff on the mouth looks like a mustache, and is often made fun of by others as a man;

2. The hair on the arm: The most embarrassing thing is when you are standing on the bus, when you hold the railing, 

you can obviously see the hair shaking;

3. The hair on the legs: For girls, if they have hair on their legs, they dare not wear short skirts and shorts in summer, 

they are often wrapped tightly;

4. Underarm hair: Raising your hand when you are not shaving is an uncomfortable thing.


So, do you still feel that hair removal is unnecessary?

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