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Is ice cooling Hair Removal Really Painless?

Time : 2023-02-15 Hits : 3

Some methods of traditional hair removal are more painful, so what about the popular hair removal methods now?  

Ice cooling hair removal device is painless hair removal, using IPL technology.IPL uses the principle of selective thermal effect.  

The light it emits only acts on the melanin in the hair follicles.  After converting the energy of light into heat energy, 

the temperature increases suddenly, destroying the activity of the hair follicles, and making the hair follicles enter a 

dormant period, thereby achieving the purpose of inhibiting hair loss.  Growth for hair removal purposes.


For people who have never been in contact with a ice cooling hair removal device, it may be a little painful to use 

the first gear of the ice cooling hair removal device at the beginning, but the burning and pain are not strong under 

the blessing of the ice cooling function.After applying it for a period of time, you can basically feel no pain, and you 

can slowly increase the gear, and the hair removal effect will be better.

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Pay attention to sun protection after using the hair removal device, and apply some sunscreen when going out, so as 

to avoid pigmentation caused by exposure to the sun.After hair removal, if the skin is red, please use an ice pack or a 

wet towel for cold compress, and then use lotion or moisturizing products to moisturize.And if there is any discomfort

 during the recovery period, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time, so as to avoid some adverse reactions, 

which will affect your own safety.

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Therefore, the ice cooling hair removal device is a bit painful at the beginning, but after getting used to it, the pain is 

not strong, and there is no harm to the body.It is recommended to choose products with various certifications when 

purchasing a ice cooling hair removal device.The effect will be more in line with personal requirements, and the safety 

is also guaranteed accordingly.  Otherwise, inferior hair removal instruments will not be able to remove hair and will 

damage the skin.  It is recommended to do a good job of related care after hair removal, so that the effect after hair 

removal can be more ideal.

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