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Is IPL hair removal device a medical device?

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Intense pulsed light hair removal devices are now more and more popular with many people, because the beam 

and wavelength of ipl hair removal machine are not so high compared to laser hair removal devices. Mainly gentle 

hair removal, can be used at home, no need to go to the hospital or beauty salon for hair removal.

Because home ipl hair removal its hair removal effect can be permanent, more and more men and women will give

priority to ipl hair removal machine to get rid of excess hair. However, everyone is very ignorant about how to choose 

a safe ipl hair removal device, whether the ipl hair remover device is included in the medical device control and so on?



IPL hair remover devices have joined the ranks of medical devices in most countries in the world, and photon hair removal devices

sold in European and American countries must pass medical certification such as F DA/MDR .At present, the most widely used 

technology for home hair removal instruments, its wavelength is generally intercepted from the range of 470-1200nm,

some are wider, some are narrower, but generally in the hair removal range, this brand is the same.


Classification of household hair removal instruments:

1. Laser hair removal device. Laser hair removal is the same principle as medical laser hair removal. The laser has the ability

to penetrate the skin, which is called the "selective photothermodynamic principle". Using this characteristic of the laser,

it is irradiated on the hair removal site. The laser is absorbed by the melanin in the hair and converted into heat energy to 

destroy the hair follicle. , so as to achieve hair removal effect. This is why the hair removal device has requirements for skin color.

The whiter the skin, the better the effect. Because dark skin absorbs part of the energy, which affects the hair removal effect.


2. Intense pulse hair removal device. Intense Pulse Depilator, also known as IPL (Intense Pulse) or HPL (Home Pulse). 

Its principle is actually similar to the laser hair removal device, which uses the action of light. The difference is that the

laser wavelength of the laser hair removal device is fixed, while the wavelength of the intense pulse hair removal device

gradually weakens the energy after entering the body, so the use experience in a short time is more comfortable. In short, 

strong pulses are less painful.

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The photon hair removal device directly illuminates the hair follicles of the body. When purchasing a photon hair removal device,

be sure to check the manufacturer of the product and investigate whether the manufacturer has medical qualifications. Make sure

to use the product safely.

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