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Is ipl laser hair removal permanent?

Time : 2022-11-02 Hits : 18

Traditional hair removal methods and chemical hair removal methods will damage the skin to some extent.

Laser hair removal and ipl hair removal machine are relatively safe hair removal methods, which only work on black hair follicles, 

but they cannot achieve permanent hair removal.Only permanent hair removal can be achieved. To be precise, these hair removal 

methods are adjunctive treatments for non-permanent hair reduction.So guys, don't believe that there is a permanent hair removal method.


The principle of photon hair removal is intense pulsed light (IPL). The light penetrates the skin to the hair follicle. Because the hair follicle

has a lot of melanin, the melanin will absorb the light and convert it into heat energy. The heated hair follicle will enter a dormant state, 

and then destroy the hair follicle to achieve hair removal effect .

Photon Lab found that pulsed light at wavelengths of 510nm-1100nm can be reliably absorbed by hair melanin without causing damage 

to the skin.In addition to hair removal, ipl hair removal system can also be used for skin whitening and rejuvenation. The pain is significantly

weaker than that of laser hair removal, so pulsed light technology is generally used in home hair removal devices.


IPL hair removal at home is suitable for most people. With the help of IPL technology, gentle light pulses hit the skin and are absorbed by

the hair roots.The darker the hair, the better the absorption of light pulses. At the same time, hair has three growth cycles, growth phase, 

regression phase, and resting phase, and light pulses can stimulate the hair follicles to enter the resting phase.As a result, the hair falls

out naturally, preventing hair regrowth and leaving the skin silky smooth at all times. A word of caution: only anagen hairs respond to pulsed light.


Nowadays, many household ipl laser hair removal handset have multiple functions. If you choose only for hair removal, the price will be cheaper 

than that of ipl hair removal device with multiple functions;As mentioned earlier, IPL can not only remove hair but also whiten and rejuvenate

the skin. You can choose an all-in-one machine with hair removal + skin rejuvenation function. Use the skin rejuvenation function about 2 days

after hair removal, which can achieve smoother skin faster and better.This method of IPL hair removal device is relatively mild, there is no need 

to worry about hurting the skin, and the safety is also guaranteed.

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