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Is it a good choice to buy a hair removal device in spring?

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In spring, the temperature varies greatly, and the air is dry and windy. It is a good choice to remove hair 

at home at this time, because the ultraviolet rays are relatively weak at this time, and you are still wearing 

a coat, which is better for skin recovery and is of great help to hair removal.


Pay attention when purchasing a hair removal device. There are many types of hair removal devices on the 

market, with a single hair removal function and a multi-functional hair removal device. The wavelength should 

be between 510nm-1100nm, because the photon laboratory found that pulsed light with a wavelength of 

510nm-1100nm can be reliably absorbed by hair melanin without causing damage to the skin. If the wavelength 

is too low, it may damage the eyes and skin. It is recommended to choose a photon hair removal device with a 

yellow filter or above; according to the research of the American "Science" magazine, the hair removal energy is 

above 5J/cm², which can achieve effective hair removal.


Because the current hair removal device uses intense pulsed light (IPL) technology, IPL can not only remove hair, 

but also whiten and rejuvenate the skin. The pain is obviously weaker than laser hair removal, so it is generally 

used in home hair removal devices.

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Note that only anagen hair will respond to pulsed light. Light pulses can stimulate hair follicles to enter the 

dormancy period, so as to achieve the purpose of hair removal by inhibiting hair growth, leaving your skin silky 

smooth all the time. You must persist in using the hair removal device, otherwise the effect will not last long and 

it will grow back soon.

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