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Is it safe for your skin tone?

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Because of the way IPL and laser hair removal works not all machines are safe on dark skin tones. So, first check which skin tone type you are.

Fitzpatrick tones 1 to 6


We use the Fitzpatrick scale to do this. There are 6 Fitzpatrick types, measured from type I to VI. Type I is the lightest skin and type VI the darkest.

All home-use devices reviewed here are safe for types I to IV, light to mid-brown skin tones. A few more are safe for dark skin up to type V. And a couple are safe for the darkest skin type VI. These use dual energies with very gentle IPL that’s safe for black skin.

Will it work on your hair colour?

With home laser and IPL, the darker your hair colour the better.


Dark blonde to black hair

There’s dark melanin in dark blonde through to black hair. The intense light energy targets the melanin, heats it up and disables the hair follicle. If your natural hair colour is in this range, choose from all home IPL and laser hair removal devices.

Light blonde, red & grey / white hair

With fair hair (light blonde, red, white or grey), you don’t have the dark melanin needed. Your hair can’t attract the light energy so it’s not heated up nor the hair root disabled. Most devices won’t work for you, although a few say they can.



You could be unsuitable for laser and IPL hair removal for a bunch of health and medical reasons.

Read the user manual before you buy!

These range from pregnancy and breastfeeding, diabetes, medical and skin conditions to photosensitising medications.

You’ll find these contraindications listed in user manuals. Head over to the brand websites, most have downloadable versions. If you can’t find one, email customer support and ask for it. Don’t buy a machine until you’ve checked them!

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