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Is it true that the more you shave, the more body hair you shave?

Time : 2022-12-09 Hits : 4

Remember that body hair is on hair follicles, and the basic number of hair follicles is determined by genes, so the 

number of hair follicles is determined from the time we are born.The thickness of hair is mainly determined by

follicle size, nutrition and hormonal changes. Hair follicle volume is controlled by genes, while nutrients and

hormones are determined by the body's current state.


Then why do we feel that the newly grown hair becomes thicker and thicker after shaving?

Body hair grows with thick roots and thin tips. When hair is cut off from the roots, it makes the pores look 

thicker. New body hair grows upward instead of slanting, which also causes coarsening of body hair.


Traditional hair removal methods will cause you to encounter the following problems:

Hair pulling is too painful: The process of hair pulling is definitely painful, but you know that the hair follicle 

extends down into the dermis about one centimeter deep. Artificial hair removal can easily cause infection 

and inflammation of the hair follicle and surrounding tissues.

It is easy to be allergic to the use of hair removal cream, especially for people with sensitive skin. If it is serious,

it will cause local skin inflammation and secondary infection. It may also cause skin pigmentation and hair thickening.


Although the traditional hair removal method will cause some harm to the skin, it is still okay to use it once in a while.  

The above situation is easy to occur after long-term use.  It is recommended that  choose a safe hair removal method.

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