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Misunderstandings in using hair removal devices

Time : 2019-11-27 Hits : 4

Misunderstanding 1

The skin feels hot when using the device, it means the sensitive skin does not fit for hair removing?

The home use IPL hair removal device from NOBLE MANUFACTURER has 5 energy levels, it can be adjusted according to different skin conditions and personal tolerance. For example, if the skin color is very dark or you have just started using it, start with the lowest energy level at beginning. Generally speaking, the lowest energy level will only cause a slight warmth on the skin surface, and even the highest energy level will not make the skin feel hot. If really hot, it may caused by these 2 points: Is the energy level too high to adapt, or the skin's tolerance for pain is indeed much lower than normal people.

This hair removal device from NOBLE MANUFACTURER has a skin tone sensor design that will make a detection about the skin. When the skin is too dark, it will not emit pulse light.


Misunderstanding 2

The hair removal device can remove scars and acne marks

The IPL hair removal devices have skin rejuvenation function, but it can’t remove scars and acne marks, and more likely, if the device does not have skin detection function design, it may hurt the skin when using the machine. So we should be serious when choosing the home use hair removal device.

NOBLE MANUFACTURERE’S hair removal devices have skin detection function. For example, when the skin has nevus or dark spot, the device will not light, and it protect the skin avoid being hurt. All the electric home use devices, safety comes first.


Misunderstanding 3

The eyes will hurt deeply if not wearing goggle when using the machine

All the devices attached a pair of goggle, but it does not mean the eyes will hurt deeply if not wearing goggle when using the machine.

Besides the high efficiency and safety, the light of all photon technology and laser products have a little bit glaring, many people are not used to it or don’t like the vision feeling. That’s why the device is attached the goggle.


Hair removing is important, but choosing hair removal machine is also important. Noble Manufacturer is providing safety, painless, permanent home use IPL hair removal devices.

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