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Portable hair removal device for home use, safe and comfortable hair removal

Time : 2023-02-28 Hits : 4

What is the best way to remove hair? Choose a lightweight and small ipl hair removal machine for home hair removal, 

which can remove hair comfortably.


Choose the right home hair removal machine, the final effect is very good, you need to use it consistently. ipl hair removal 

at home, and I can choose the time freely, so I don’t have to worry about delaying the hair removal due to urgent matters.


The thermal conductivity of sapphire in the sapphire ice cooling hair removal device is 0.0834, which has extremely high light 

transmittance, which can effectively avoid the loss of light energy during the flashing period of the hair removal device. The 

temperature of the epidermis at the moment of light emission allows the hair follicles to absorb more light energy and remove 

hair quickly without damaging the skin.


After using the Sapphire Ice Cooling Hair Removal Device for a period of time, you will find that the regrown hair becomes thinner, 

softer or some will no longer grow. In order to ensure long-lasting smooth skin, it is recommended to use it every 4-6 weeks after a 

complete cycle of hair removal Hair removal . Different parts of the body need to be irradiated for a long time and the time interval 

between them will be different, which depends on the condition of the body surface hair.

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