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Sapphire ice cooling hair removal device, the hair removal effect is more obvious

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Wearing makeup for important occasions is now social etiquette; as hair removal becomes more popular, it is gradually becoming 

a part of it.Especially in summer, wearing off-the-shoulder clothes without hair removal will reveal hand hair and armpit hair; long 

skirts will also easily reveal leg hair.The technology of hair removal devices is becoming more and more mature now, which can 

solve the problem of excessive hair.Too much hair, want to get rid of it? The new sapphire ice cooling hair removal instrument can 

solve it.


The Sapphire ice cooling Hair Removal Apparatus uses IPL technology.  IPL is the abbreviation of Intense Pulsed Light. It is an effective 

therapy that has been well-known in the world's beauty field for more than 20 years.This is a professional, safe and painless treatment. 

IPL uses the principle of selective thermal effect to make hair follicles enter the dormant period, so as to achieve the purpose of hair 

removal by inhibiting hair growth. The sapphire freezing point hair removal only works on the hair follicles and does not harm the skin. 

The cooling is 30% higher than the freezing point hair removal instrument, and it can remove hair painlessly on a large area.

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The difference between Sapphire ice cooling Hair Removal Device and ice cooling Hair Removal Device: Sapphire ice cooling Hair Removal 

Device can be more comfortable when removing hair, and the effect of painless hair removal is more obvious.Freezing ice cooling hair 

removal is mainly aimed at growing hair and destroying hair follicles to achieve hair removal effect.The hair growth cycle is divided into three 

phases: growth phase, catagen phase and rest phase.In order to achieve the best hair removal effect, a complete hair removal cycle must be 

completed in order to have silky skin and long-lasting hair removal effect.

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Painless hair removal is very suitable for people who are afraid of pain.Starting from the root of the light wave, it can not only ensure that the 

light source reaches the depth of the hair follicle, but also protect the surface layer of the skin, providing a good comfortable experience.

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