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Should you pay attention to sunscreen after hair removal?

Time : 2023-01-31 Hits : 3

Too much excess hair, always very distressed, after doing hair removal and worry about the care after hair removal is not in place, resulting in 

ineffective hair removal. Now let's take a look at post-waxing care and whether or not you need sun protection.

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Hair removal works only on hair follicles and is not harmful to the skin. However, some people may feel tingling during hair removal, and after 

hair removal, redness, swelling and itching appear. For this situation, timely use ice pack or wet towel cold compress, and then use lotion or 

moisturizing products for hydration and moisturizing. Hair removal will not affect perspiration, also will not cause odor, in the process of hair 

removal is mainly for hair follicles, and hair follicles and sweat glands are independent of each other, will not have an impact, so please rest 

assured hair removal.

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After hair removal, the skin is in a more sensitive state. If you go out in the next few days, you must pay attention to sunscreen, prevent 

melanosis, and avoid affecting the recovery of the skin. If you have sunburn, wait one week after recovery before removing hair.

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