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Spring has come, have you started to shed hair yet?

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After showing their arms and legs last summer, many friends have had the experience of plucking or shaving their hair. 

After a while, they will look darker and thicker than before hair removal. Now the spring hair removal, the effect is better. 

Stagger the peak of hair removal in summer. In summer, the hair is basically removed. Hair removal in spring will not affect 

the normal recovery of the skin due to high-intensity ultraviolet rays. Don't worry about the embarrassment of hair growing 

out during hair removal. It can be better displayed in summer with its own charm.


The sapphire ice cooling hair removal device adopts IPL technology, 600-1200nm red light wave, precise hair removal without 

hurting the skin, long-term consistent use, effectively inhibits hair growth, and reduces troubles caused by excess hair. Moreover, 

the combination of sapphire + ice cooling dual technology makes hair removal with ice compress more comfortable and less hot, 

which helps to further improve the hair removal effect and persist in long-term hair removal. In winter hair removal, if you feel that 

the ice compress function is too cold during the hair removal process, turn off the ice compress and use it again.


Because hair follicles have growth phase, catagen phase, and rest phase, there are three phases. The home hair removal device only 

works on the hair follicles in the growth period, while the photon hair removal device focuses on gentle hair removal at home. The 

hair removal cycle required is about 3-4 months, and the specific time varies from person to person.

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The shaving and hair removal operations work together in a similar period of time, which will cause dryness and itching of the skin. 

This reaction is harmless to the body. Don't worry, it will disappear after a period of time. You can also use ice packs or wet towels to 

cool it down. After 24 hours, apply a mild, non-irritating moisturizer.

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