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The advantage of home ice cooling painless hair removal device

Time : 2022-12-01 Hits : 6

Ice cooling painless hair removal technology adopts OPT optimized pulsed light technology, also known as flat-top pulsed light technology 

(OPT is an upgraded version of IPL intense pulsed light).Optimize the peak value and pulse width of the light wave, release heat energy 

smoothly and accurately, gently and effectively heat the melanin of the hair follicle, and reduce the skin irritation caused by the peak pulse light.


Ice cooling painless hair removal instrument has the following advantages:

1. Ice cooling hair removal is more comfortable

As long as the tissue around the hair follicle is heated to 40℃, the temperature of the hair follicle can be removed for a short time to 45℃.During 

this process, thanks to the excellent cooling technology, the temperature of the sapphire outlet is kept at 4℃, while the temperature of the skin is 

always controlled at 25℃, so we feel cool.


2. Safe and efficient, smooth skin after hair removal

The ice cooling painless hair removal laser uses all standard hair removal wavelengths to ensure efficient hair removal.Its safety has been clinically 

certified by FDA, CE, ROHS, FCC and PSE. It has become the first choice of beauty lovers. Let the beauty lover's skin more smooth and moving.


3. Quick and easy operation

Still worried about not having time to hair removal? Ice cooling painless hair removal machine has changed that. The treatment speed is 3-5 times 

that of traditional hair removal methods.We can enjoy really fast hair removal without affecting our normal work and life.

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