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The secret of ipl hair removal home use (four)

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Laser hair removal

Laser is used to remove melanin accurately and selectively. After the melanin absorbs the laser energy, the temperature rises rapidly, which causes the surrounding hair follicle tissue to be damaged and depilate. Household laser hair removal apparatus is a good product. Modern laser hair removal technology can not only achieve permanent hair removal or delay hair regeneration time, but also avoid and reduce the shortcomings of traditional hair removal technology.

Home use hair removal

One of the biggest concerns many people have is whether or not a home depilator is useful. Uncle tell you there is clearly, generally through the FDA certification, can achieve the result of hair removal, home hair removal principle is the use of laser penetrates the skin to the hair follicle, the melanin in the hair follicles absorb the laser energy, to produce the heat of the moment, burning hair follicle let hair follicle wither into hibernation, the hair will have a period of time not to grow.

Hair removal instrument

In theory, by the FDA (us food and drug administration) certification of formal hair removal instrument are relatively safe and reliable products, won't cause harm to the skin, but in fact, due to factors such as skin color, hair epilator itself different may produce some side effects, normal or abnormal depending on hair removal instrument technology and operating technique.

Can the laser depilator that buys on the net depilate permanently?

when you are finished shaving and after wiping, without color contrast, Noble’s products are intelligent knowledge skin model, can be directly measured your skin comfortable is not suitable for use hair removal device, also has the continuous mode and hand out light mode,

Is online depilator useful?

Online depilator a variety of, there are a lot of unknown or refurbished machines, so choose depilator on the Internet to study more, material clearance, functional, quality assurance, this is in line with the standards of useful.

Is Noble depilator useful?

Noble hair removal, affordable, not as expensive as salon products, but very effective, efficient, time - consuming. And with the rear stabilizers, you only need to use them on time once. Small pain, high experience.

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