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The secret of ipl hair removal home use (three)

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What we should pay attention to after using the hair removal device

I believe that the friends who often use the hair removal device will have such a question. Some areas of the skin will be red, and it feels a bit painful and itchy. So I want to wipe some skin care products, but I worry that it will hurt the skin. So what we should pay attention to when we want to use skin care products to speed up the repair of damaged skin after using the hair removal device.

First of all, the use of cosmetics should be avoided -various chemical substances in cosmetics will cause adverse effects on the fragile skin.

Secondly, you can use body lotion to care for the skin and speed up skin repair. But pay attention to choose an emulsion without any additional functions, such as only moisturizing or aloe vera gel.

Finally, don't do exfoliation and pay attention to sun protection.

Can I use the hair removal device for my beard?

Some girls will have beard-like things in the corners of their mouths, but these hairs that grow on the beard are not really beards. These hairs are no different from other parts of the body, so you can use a hair removal device to remove hair. But it is different for male beards.

First of all, it is certain that the hair removal instrument can remove the beard of boys, but we do not recommend boys to do this. The beard of the boy exists because the beard of the boy is a sign of male, and is also known as the second sex, which is based on male hormones. But simply using the hair removal device repeatedly for hair removal does not have the effect of actually removing the beard (because the male hormones of boys are constantly secreted, so the beard will always grow). The act of using a hair removal device to remove a beard from a boy has no substantial effect except to add unnecessary trouble to himself. .

Operating principle of the photon hair removal instrument.

Photon hair removal instrument is also called IPL photon hair removal instrument.

At present, most home hair removal devices use IPL intense light pulse technology.

IPL intense pulsed light is a broad-spectrum visible light with a special wavelength, which has a softer photothermal effect. The instrument uses a filter to filter invalid or harmful wavelengths, the wavelength is generally 475-1200nm. The filter wavelength of a general home hair removal device is generally between 550-650nm, and the wavelength here belongs to the range of safe hair removal, and the effect is relatively significant .

The principle of hair removal is to use the selective thermal effect of light on biological tissues. The melanin in the hair follicles and hair shafts selectively absorbs the energy in the spectrum, converts the energy of the light into heat energy, and the temperature rises sharply to destroy the hair follicle tissue. So as to achieve the purpose of hair removal.

Are there any side effects of the photon hair removal instrument?

Home use hair removal devices usually use IPL photon technology. This technology was first used by Philips on hair removal instrument products. After decades of market testing, no adverse side effects were found. The local skin may appear slightly red after using. Because the skin around the hair follicles is irritated and needs to repair itself. Just pay attention to moisturizing and avoid sunlight. It will not cause any harmful side effects.

On the contrary, IPL photon hair removal technology can cause changes in the molecular structure of collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the dermis layer to promote skin collagen regeneration and rearrangement. So it can achieve the effect of wrinkles reducing and minimize pores.

Therefore if you are in need, do n’t worry about the side effects of the hair removal device, and start try it boldly.

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